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Why Diamond Fresh

A family owned business established by the father in 1985. With two generations of family chemists, Diamond Fresh was established to offer water-based, eco-friendly products. All products are without VOCs, with the common goal to eliminate odors effectively and safely within your home and around pets. Diamond Fresh odor eliminating products are proudly made in the USA and are ISO 9001:2015 registered. 

Diamond Fresh Fans

This is a fairly unique product in the fact that it doesn’t cover foul odors with strong scents, but rather uses a basically unscented enzyme formula to eliminate bad smells.


I have stopped using scented sprays that have so much fragrance that the heavy smell of the spray is worse than the subtle smell of dogs.It works very well.

Certified Customer

Great all purpose spray to help with odors. We put it on everything. With a dog, cat, rabbit, and multiple tiny humans, we should’ve bought a year’s supply.

Brain C