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Odor Neutralizing Beads & Sprays
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Premier Odor Neutralizers

Diamond Fresh odor neutralizers safely eliminate unwanted smells and leave your living environment clean and revitalized. Fragrant odor neutralizing gel beads and non-scented spray quickly and effectively get rid of problem odors in your home, car or office. Diamond-Fresh neutralizers are proudly made in the USA and are ISO 9001:2015 registered. Diamond Fresh is a family owned and operated company committed to effective odor neutralization.

Odor Neutralizing Gel Beads

Odor neutralizing gel beads come in two sizes, both attack unwanted odors and replace them with a pleasant, refreshing aroma. 12 oz. jars are ideal for bathrooms, basements, kitchens, pet or workout areas, garages and offices. Easy to use and looks great! 6 oz. jars are a smaller convenient jar for attacking unwanted odors in cars, mobile homes, or SUVs. Stay fresh when on the go!

Non-Scented Odor Eliminating Spray

Our non-toxic, non-allergenic spray neutralizes foul odors instantly without leaving a fragrance. Refresh laundry areas, trash cans, garbage disposals, or any space where problems occur. Safe for use on pets and fabric. Add to cleaning solutions for extra scent protection. Works great on smoke or nasty skunk odors!

Made in the USA

All Diamond Fresh products are proudly made in the USA. Diamond Fresh is also family owned and operated.

Scent for Everyone

With six different scents, plus unscented options, Diamond Fresh has something for everyone.

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Diamond Fresh Fans

I have had these beads in many rooms of my house. They even match my color and decor!
Kourtney C

I love these beads, it’s everything it says it is…
I use them in my home and office.

I was embarrassed to bring people over because of litter boxes. With Mountain Breeze beads, I get a fresh smell.
Laura M

No matter what you are cooking...even fish...our odor neutralizing beads keep you home smelling fresh...not fish!